Commute UI Layers Theme v4.2 Apk Download

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Requirement: Android 5.0 and up

*** Since V4.0 BETA this theme REQUIRES "Evolve - Layers Theme" (it's FREE) to provide ANY THEMING CAPABILITIES. Included with this theme (since 4.0 beta) there is just a grey theme. ***
Get "Evolve - Layers Theme" here:
Do you want to have even more theming possibilities? Download this awesome navbar collection by Rohit Chouhuan:
Commute UI is a Multi-theme, this means you can choose between 4 vibrant accents for every app. Using new Niklas's wrapper, improved by me, you'll have full control of your Layers.
This is a theme for RRO/Layers/Overlay. Not a CM/Paranoid theme!WHAT'S INCLUDED:
• 4 different accents between you can choose:
- Tasty Pink
- Cobalt Blue
- Emerald Green
- Shining Gold
• New Niklas's wrapper, elegant and complete
• Common Layers for all 4 accent:
- Cell Broadcast
- Play Store
- AllCast notifications
- DeskClock notifications
- GMail notifications
- Hangouts notifications
- Inbox notifications
• Accent-specific Layers:
- Calculator
- Contacts
- Dialer
- Framework-res
- Google Contacts
- Google Dialer
- Keyboard (AOSP)
- Keyboard (Google)
- Phone
- Server Telecom
- Settings
- SystemUI

Thanks to:
- Niklas Schnettler for Wrapper
- BitSyko team for Layers
- All the community for supporting my works

Theme developed by SPAstef.

CommuteUI V4.2:

- DOWNLOAD EvolveUI to use new version:

- Added TitaniumBackup (attempt to fix some bugs)

- Fixed bugs in Play Music

- Changes to Framework

Google Play Store: click here

Direct Download
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